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Mainly focused on the nanoscale analysis using piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM), electrochemical strain microscopy (ESM), and other atomic force microscopy (AFM) modes, e.g. current AFM (CAFM), Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM), and charge gradient microscopy (CGM), for analyzing electromechanical and electrochemical systems, instrumental aspects of AFM, and related techniques as applied to functional materials.

Potential topics in this conference include, but are not limited to;
  • 01
    Ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics on the nanoscale
  • 02
    Multiferroic phenomena and magnetoelectric
    coupling on the nanoscale
  • 03
    Interface and domain engineering
  • 04
    Local electrochemical phenomena
    (e.g. displacement and current detections)
  • 05
    Local mechanical phenomena
    (e.g. force-displacement curve and nanoindentation)
  • 06
    Photo-induced phenomena
  • 07
    Data storage, transistors, and memristors
  • 08
    Batteries, fuel cells, and ionic conductors
  • 09
    Theory and modeling
  • 10
    Data analysis (e.g. artificial intelligence and
    machine learning)
  • 11
    HfO2 based ferroelectrics
  • 12
    Other interests
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