Seoul, Korea

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Seoul, Korea

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The Korean Peninsula lies in the center of Northeast Asia. The coordinates of its capital, Seoul, are 37.34° N and 126.59° E, putting it near the Yellow Sea. Seoul is within a three-hour flight from 43 cities with populations of over one million people. Korea’s location between China and Japan has been a great geographical advantage for the nation.

Like the rest of Korea, Seoul has four distinct seasons, which means the landscape changes considerably throughout the year. This unique climate is deeply embedded within Korea’s cultural fabric.

Seoul’s long, hot, and humid summer is only interrupted by sporadic monsoon rains in June and July. If you find Seoul somewhat quiet during this period, that’s because many Koreans go on vacation at this time of year. You will also find people gathered around the water fountain in front of Gwanghwamun Square or under a bridge along the Hangang (River). Banpodaegyo (Bridge) is a popular spot that offers a fantastic view of the city.

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